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Standard courses
Crash courses
Tailor-made courses
Private courses
In-Company classes
By phone

Standard courses:

Standard courses are open to the general public.

We limit the number of participants to a maximum of 6 people.

Crash courses:

Crash courses are designed to teach the client a specific need or skill in a short period of time such as a presentation, an interview, a meeting or going abroad.

Tailor-made courses:

Tailor-made courses are adapted to the needs of individuals or companies.  They can be face-to-face courses or a combination of face-to-face and distance training.

A tailor-made course comprehends depending on the requested needs general language, business language or specific industry language.

Private courses

A tailor-made course might be a private course allowing flexible scheduling and an accurate pace of teaching based on an urge of needed language.

These classes are one-to-one classes.

In-Company classes

Interactive classes that meet the objectives of both the learners and the company

In-Company classes are given on the client’s premises and combine language skills with specific company vocabulary as well as specific needs expressed by the learners.

We limit the number of participants to a maximum of 6 people.

By phone

Learning a language was never that easy!

A class by phone offers perfect flexibility and an exceptional learning process in which the client will learn at a very fast pace to speak the requested language.

As this way of learning a language is demanding a high level of concentration we advise the client to be seated at a desk enabling to take notes when needed and also to avoid distraction of any kind.

The client can use our services and learn a language by phone while being domestic or abroad.

It is the most flexible method at Yotta Languages as we offer this service every day of the week 7-on-7 every day between 06h00 and 23h00

Each session lasts 30 minutes.